L.A. Zemnukhova, R.L. Davidovich, A.A. Udovenko, A.E. Panasenko, E.V. Kovaleva, N.V. Makarenko, G.A. Fedorishcheva, V.B. Logvinova. Fluoride complexes of antimony(III). Synthesis, structure, properties and application. Vladivostok: Publishing house "Ammonit" (PE Bryzgunova Ekaterina Vladimirovna), 2023, 296 p.

In the monograph the synthesized and studied at the Institute of Chemistry, FEB RAS, and described in the literature fluoride and complex fluoride compounds, including multiligand fluoroacidocomplex antimony(III) compounds obtained from aqueous hydrofluoric acid solution, their crystal structures, properties and applications are analyzed, discussed and systematized.

The monograph consists of an introduction, 5 chapters and a conclusion. The regularities of the synthesis of complex compounds based on antimony(III) fluoride are described in chapter 1. The crystal structures of fluoride and halogen containing antimony(III) complex compounds and their comparative analysis are presented in chapter 2. The results of NQR-spectroscopic investigations and conclusions about the main regularities of 121,123Sb NQR parameter changes are presented in chapters 3 and 4.
Ecotoxicological properties of fluoride and complex fluoride compounds of antimony(III) are considered in сhapter 5.

The present monograph may be of interest for crystallography researchers and chemists working in the field of metal fluoride complexes as well as for Ph.D. and graduate students.

Figures 58; Tables 23; References 566
ISBN 978-5-6050261-1-2
DOI 10.29039/978-5-6050261-1-2
Reviewer: Doctor of Sciences, Prof. M.A. Medkov
Under the scientific editorship of V.I. Sergienko, Academicianof the Russian Academy of Sciences
Approved for publication by the Scientific Council of the Instituteof Chemistry, Far Eastern Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences
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